Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri 1 - Tapestry

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri 1 - Tapestry

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Fusing an ancient tradition with the latest technological innovations, these products reinterpret those precious artefacts that enrich public and private collections with their charm.

These tapestries elegantly amalgamate the poetic expressions of a millenary technique, giving the work that lived-in look that only textiles, with their interweaving of threads, can give.

The modern tapestry continues to represent a valuable artefact. The loom, weaving the wefts (they can be as large as 11,360 threads) with the warp, forges images with an artistic and refined appearance. All the works we present are made with a Jacquard loom, considered the ancestor of the computer.

This image shows the same work woven on a loom with 11,360 threads. The image was made entirely in Italy in only 99 copies numbered in Arabic numerals plus 3, in Roman numerals, not for sale.